Una storia Italiana
Pinsa Romana: Traditional Roman Pizza
Pinsa a lighter healthier version of our beloved Italian Pizza. Crunchy outside while soft inside. Hand-stretched, 100% natural and Vegan, High in protein and low in calories, No preservatives, no added sugar, no added flavors, or colorants
Our Roman Pizza is so tasty, you won't even notice it's healthy!

HIGH DIGESTIBILITY Our high hydration dough, the use of mother yeast in small quantities, the long leavening and the mix of flours guarantee the high digestibility of our Pinsa Romana.
UNIQUE MIX OF FLOURS Our mix of high quality flours based on soy, rice and wheat, allows us to obtain a unique product, crunchy on the outside and soft inside.
WITHOUT PALM OIL Our pinsa is a genuine and healthy product because we only use high quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil.
PERFECT FOR ANY TOPPING The pinsa is a versatile prebaked pizza dough that goes perfectly with any topping and tickles creativity in the kitchen.
VEGAN OK Our pre-cooked pinsa base dose not contain animal fats and are perfect for vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Pinsa Romana: the Authentic Roman Pizza.

The first fully healthy Pizza Crust
PREPARATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF PINSA ROMANA PREBAKED DOUGH. MAMMA PINSA is a brand specialized in the artisanal production of Pinsa Romana, the real Roman pizza. We use original and artisanal processing protocols with exceptional ingredients such as selected flours, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and extra virgin olive oil to offer our customers the best pinsa they have ever tasted. Seeing is believing! We are a dynamic and innovative team that tries to improve every day to face new challenges in the production of healthy and quality food.

Mamma Pinsa was born out of love for healthy and tasty Italian food

Our pizzaiolos use certified ingredients and processing protocols, to make the best pizza dough. Our Pinsa crusts are rigorously hand-stretched one by one, pre-cooked and delivered ready to be served after a very short final cooking. We take pride in our products, tested and certified by the "Autentica Pinsa Romana" association in the Unites States.

Fast delivery anywhere in the United States

We use expert and precise couriers that allow us to make punctual daily shipments throughout the United States, guaranteeing the quality of our food and the satisfaction of our customers.

This mouthwatering crust is crunchy outside and soft inside.

Its traditional oval shape is hand stretched by our masters Pinsaioli.
The results is a more digestible, low calories, and low fat flatbread crust.

Made with the tastiest ingredients

All ingredients are 100 % Vegan, only high quality Italian ingredients.
No Artificial preservatives, no cholesterol, no Added Sugar and Low Gluten content.

Pinsa: The light way to enjoy Pizza

Pinsa’s nutritional and high digestibility properties are two elements that really make the difference with classic Pizza dough. We let nature take its course while our dough evolves for 72 hours.

Pinsa Romana
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Mamma Pinsa Family Box

Mamma Pinsa Tasting kit: try all our special pre baked crust. 2 Pinsa ovale Large, 2 Personal Round Pizza, 2 Pinsa Flatbread, 2 Panino Sorriso . Pizza Crusts individually hand made, shelf life 10 days in the refrigerator, it can be frozen.

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